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Weekly Wednesday Welcoming

Wednesday, July 2, and every Wednesday throughout July and August
Church Parking Lot - 5:30 - 7:30 pm

On Sundays we join together for worship, then spend maybe 1/2 hour or so in The Gathering Place chatting with each other about our lives. This interaction doesn’t often give us the opportunity to get to know each other very well.

Here’s an opportunity to come together mid week, enjoy a burger, brat or hot dog cooked for you, along with a cold beverage...and leisure conversations with others while the youngsters play together on the lawn. Bring your family, invite relatives, friends and/or neighbors.

  • Burgers - $5
  • Brats - $3
  • Hot Dogs - $1
  • Condiments & Beverage - FREE

If you want to bring chips or another side to share or your favorite beverage, please do so. Proceeds, after we pay for the food, will benefit the Campus Improvement Fund.



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Are you looking for a new Castle Rock church for you and your family? You are warmly invited to visit Christ's Episcopal Church in historic downtown Castle Rock.

Why come to Christ's Church? We've asked our church members to describe our church home in one word (or two) of their choosing here.

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Fr. Rick's Mystic Travelers Blog

Fr. Rick posts two blogs a week on www.mystictravelersbook.com, and he has 100+ articles archived there for your edification. You can go on your own whenever you want, OR once on the website, you can subscribe by filling in your name and email address in the box on the left of the screen. If you sign up, you’ll be sent the blogs twice a week. You’re also invited to submit your comments about a blog if you wish.

Wall of Thanks

We appreciate so many people here at Christ's Episcopal Church. Therefore, we invite you to say THANKS to someone who has added in some way to your life or your spiritual journey. You are also invited to say THANKS to anyone you'd like to acknowledge for adding to the grace in this church of ours.

Click here to share your THANKS. Your THANKS prayer will be completely anonymous unless you give us your name. We will publish it here. We *do* have to moderate the board for spam, so we can't publish your comment until it's reviewed. But we will review all prayers at least once a day. If you wish, you can take a look at the Wall any time. We will include a link to it in the Fully Alive News and the email newsletters.

Thank you for being such a valuable part of this place to be...fully alive.

In Service,
your friends at Christ's Church.